The New Schedule above will start on 
Monday, September 17.
We are very excited to get started with some new class times and more variety. A total of 9 new classes have been added! I think we have managed to add a whole new class variation, “Flow,” without taking any of our beloved Bikram classes away. All of us at BYC truly hope that each of you can find something you like on our schedule.
A few important points:
6:15am classes: The studio doors will continue to open at 6:00am, 15 minutes prior to class. (For all other classes, the studio doors will open 30 minutes prior to class.)
Flow classes: FREE WORKSHOP to introduce this class will be Saturday, Sept.15 at 10:30. It will run 2 to 2.5 hours. Sign up at the front desk.
Adding Flow: This is a big, big deal. So many other yoga students avoid doing our standard series because it doesn’t have the movement they are used to from their previous practices, or, they are fearful of the heat. Well, now a solution is here. Tell your hesitant friends that Flow is available at BYC! Also, the Flow classes will be 10 degrees cooler than our regular Bikram classes.
I can’t help but add a personal note, here. In making changes to the schedule, I am faced with difficult decisions. I consider, reconsider, agonize, gather opinions, and awake throughout the night reconsidering all of it all over again. This goes on for weeks. Finally, the information is assimilated into a schedule designed to make the maximum number of students happy, within a sound fiscal model. I don’t approach any of it lightly. This time, adding a large number of classes is not without risk. Please help me make it a success by spreading the word! Tell your friends to come give us a try. Now, we have it all, Bikram, Yin and Flow. The total package. I hope, most sincerely, that you find the new schedule workable, and that you continue to love practicing yoga with us. “Yoga” means union; and we’re all in this together, for a long and healthy life. See you in the hot room soon!

Labor Day Schedule & FREE Work Shop for Flow Class

Monday 9/3: 6:30am Cancelled
9:30am: ON (Bikram 90 min.)
11:15 Yin: ON (Yin and Nidra, 75 min.)
5:15pm: ON (Bikram 60 min.)
6:30pm Cancelled
(Saturday 9/1 and Sunday 9/2: Normal Schedule)
Introducing … 
“Bikram Flow”
Bikram Flow is a brand-new class coming to Bikram Yoga Charleston! And, we are introducing it with a free work shop
on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 10:30. The work shop will run approximately 2 – 2.5 hours and will take you through all the postures and flow transitions in sequence.
Space for the work shop will be limited, so please sign up at the studio as soon as possible.
In the new Bikram Flow class, you will recognize the Bikram holds within a moving series incorporating plank work, chaturanga, downward dog, warrior, sun salutations and more. This is a challenging class that you are going to love! Classes will run 60 to 75 minutes.
Bikram Flow classes will be on the New & Improved Regular Schedule starting Monday, Sep. 16th! (New schedule to be published very soon.)
Will Regular Classes be Dropped? No, no, and no. We are first and foremost a Bikram Yoga studio, and Bikram classes will continue to dominate the schedule. We will never abandon the 26 & 2 series. As with our Yin classes, the Bikram Flow classes will be offered in addition to our regular classes you know and love.

a student’s poem, published here with our sincere thanks

Bikram Yoga

When I am happy
I go to Bikram Yoga.
When I am unhappy
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because it will make me happy.

When my body is fit
I go to Bikram Yoga
And enjoy stretching and bending
As far as I can.
When my body aches,
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because it alleviates or dissolves all pain
From headaches, back pain, to digestive issues,
Just to name a few.

When I feel joyful
I go to Bikram Yoga
And share a few words with someone who just seems to need them.
When I feel sad and lonely
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because there is always a teacher or a student with a warm smile or a few caring and wise words.

Even though I started Bikram Yoga
At age 58 with no ballet or gymnastic experience and a stiff body,
I discovered within a few weeks that my body could stretch and hold postures I had thought would take three lifetimes.

Even though I have a slim body, I still lose a couple of pounds when I attend classes 3-4 times  a week.  It is an intense and powerful practice.

Bikram Yoga boosts the metabolism, restores the body flexibility, improves memory and sleep, centers the mind (or you lose the balance in the posture), grounds the whole person, and brings peace.

Right after each class, my posture is straighter, my skin glows, and I have much more physical and mental energy to complete my to-do list of the day.

Bikram Yoga changed my life for the better.
Just try it!

There is no better day than a day with Bikram Yoga.



The Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop is coming this Saturday, Feb 24th, from 12 – 2. Studio Owner Hannah Dodson will lead this workshop focussing on increasing the level of intensity in the standing postures of the Bikram Yoga series.  Greater intensity means a higher calorie burn, helping with your weight loss goals for 2018.

Join us this Saturday and learn how to up your game on your yoga mat. Regular price $35. FREE for members. Full class, extra instruction, questions after class.

Sign up in the studio or call now 843.884.3737