Free Work Shop for Flow Class October 20 at 10:30

The Free Work Shop is Tomorrow
Drawing for Free Month of Yoga
10:30 Bikram Class Cancelled — Come
to the Work Shop Instead!
Approximately 2 Hours
Everyone is Welcome at the Work Shop –
Current and New Students
Whether you have already tried our new class, “Bikram Flow,” or not, there’s lots to learn at our Work Shop in 2 weeks. Come check it out and try something new!
The “Bikram Flow” is a combination of still and moving postures, incorporating some of the postures you already know, within a moving series of “flow” yoga. This class also provides strengthening work for the core and upper-body muscle groups.
Sign up in the studio or call 843.884.3737

free yoga workshop on oct 20, 10:30 am

Everyone is Welcome – Current and New Students
By now you have heard of our new class, “Bikram Flow.” So far, the feedback has been very, very positive. You like it, and we couldn’t be happier!
If you haven’t been to this class yet, “Bikram Flow” is a combination of still and moving postures. It incorporates the Bikram holds within a moving series. Students are loving the core and upper-bodystrengthening work provided in this class, as well learning something new! This is a challenging class — but we promise that your first Flow class will not be as hard as your first Bikram class!
Saturday, Oct. 20, at 10:30
Approximately 2 hours
Bring a friend! 
Sign up in the studio or call 843.884.3737

win a free month of yoga

You could win a free month yoga, just by bringing a new student to our beautiful studio. We have coupons in the studio. Write your name in the space provided and give the coupon to a friend. Your friend gets a FREE CLASS, and your name goes into a drawing for a FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED CLASSES.
We want you bring a new student to Bikram classes, Flow classes and/or Yin classes. Because you love it … you know they will love it … and they will be forever grateful.
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