The Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop is coming this Saturday, Feb 24th, from 12 – 2. Studio Owner Hannah Dodson will lead this workshop focussing on increasing the level of intensity in the standing postures of the Bikram Yoga series.  Greater intensity means a higher calorie burn, helping with your weight loss goals for 2018.

Join us this Saturday and learn how to up your game on your yoga mat. Regular price $35. FREE for members. Full class, extra instruction, questions after class.

Sign up in the studio or call now 843.884.3737

Bikram Yoga for Weight Loss Workshop

Coming up on February 24, 12:00 – 2:30, with Hannah

How to bring greater physical intensity to the muscle contractions required by each posture.
Greater physical intensity means a higher calorie burn.

We will go through each of the standing postures, with detailed focus on increasing and maintaining intensity.  Time permitting, we will finish the entire Bikram series.

This workshop will be FREE FOR MEMBERS (AutoPay and Annual Unlimited students), and $35 for other students.  

Sign up in the studio!

The Challenge is On …

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Feeling better this year is easy.  Start with 30 days of all the yoga you can get.  Aim for 30 classes in 30 days.  The BYC 30-Day Challenge starts tomorrow.

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Put your name on the poster in the lobby; put up a sticker for each class.  No matter how many classes you complete, you will be SO GLAD you did.

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Feeling Great is just days away!