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Very simply, we are moving and we want you
to come with us. Continue your practice in the
cleanest air possible with our state of the art heating system, at our new location:
1141 Bowman Road



Important PARKING Information:
1. Primary Parking: In the Studio Lot.
2. Additional Parking: Across the Street in the NeuroScience Lot  ** We have express permission to park in this lot **
Directly across from the studio, turn onto Old Georgetown Road, then make the first right into the NeuroScience Lot.
3. Do NOT Park in the Nationwide Insurance Lot (dirt lot) — Your car could be towed.
NO  —  NO  —  NO  — DON’T PARK HERE!

For larger classes, parking will take a little extra effort. But the classes are worth it! And, we will leave the door unlocked for a few minutes after class begins.

a student’s poem, published here with our sincere thanks

Bikram Yoga

When I am happy
I go to Bikram Yoga.
When I am unhappy
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because it will make me happy.

When my body is fit
I go to Bikram Yoga
And enjoy stretching and bending
As far as I can.
When my body aches,
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because it alleviates or dissolves all pain
From headaches, back pain, to digestive issues,
Just to name a few.

When I feel joyful
I go to Bikram Yoga
And share a few words with someone who just seems to need them.
When I feel sad and lonely
I go to Bikram Yoga
Because there is always a teacher or a student with a warm smile or a few caring and wise words.

Even though I started Bikram Yoga
At age 58 with no ballet or gymnastic experience and a stiff body,
I discovered within a few weeks that my body could stretch and hold postures I had thought would take three lifetimes.

Even though I have a slim body, I still lose a couple of pounds when I attend classes 3-4 times  a week.  It is an intense and powerful practice.

Bikram Yoga boosts the metabolism, restores the body flexibility, improves memory and sleep, centers the mind (or you lose the balance in the posture), grounds the whole person, and brings peace.

Right after each class, my posture is straighter, my skin glows, and I have much more physical and mental energy to complete my to-do list of the day.

Bikram Yoga changed my life for the better.
Just try it!

There is no better day than a day with Bikram Yoga.