Summer Inspiration Challenge and SALE

Where does it come from?  You own inner voice; Encouragement from a friend; A goal you have set for yourself?  We want to inspire you to maintain at least a minimal yoga practice throughout the summer.  Ask yourself to commit to at least just 1 class per week.  Maybe you can do 2; or maybe even 3. Do what you can.  Do it for you.
From June 4th until Sept 2nd — you can 
 Inspire Your Summer Practice with 3 options:
1 class per week
2 classes per week
3 or more classes per week
We will have a chart … Put your name on the chart.
We will have classes … Come to class.
We will have stickers … Put up a sticker for each class.
Commit today and be inspired all summer!
15% Off Class Packages
To further motivate your Summer Practice, we are offering a 15% discount on the 10 Class Package or the 30 Class Package.  So, take advantage of the sale, sign up for the Summer Inspiration Challenge, and get started June 4th!

2017 BYC Challenge Jan 16 – Feb 14

Don’t Miss the 2017 BYC Challenge!
Jan. 16 – Feb. 14

What is the BYC CHALLENGE? Complete 30 Bikram Yoga classes in 30 days.

Why do the Challenge? This is an incredible way to start the New Year and bring a focussed goal to your practice. It also brings us together in a uniquely positive and encouraging way. The energy in the studio is heightened and we want you to share in this uplifting experience.

Challenge SALE on classes: To encourage you to join the Challenge, BYC is offering a 1 Month Unlimited package for $115. For the 30 days of the Challenge, you can take as many classes as you like (including Pilates and Yin), for this reduced rate. Also, you will not lose any time from your current 10 or 30 class package (an extra 30 days will be added to your current package).

Clean Diet: Additionally, BYC is inviting you to challenge yourself to start the New Year with a cleaner diet. Pick your diet vice, and go without it for the 30 days. Is it sugar or red meat or wine or bread or chocolate? Just pick one to eliminate for 30 days, for a cleaner, healthier you.

Soon there will be 2 posters on the wall in the lobby: 1 for Bikram classes; 1 for clean diet. Put your name up and place a sticker in the box for each day you complete a class and/or avoid your food vice. It is motivating, fun, and keeps you accountable!

So get geared up for 1.16.17! Plan to put YOUR NAME on the wall posters. All of the BYC staff will be here to support and encourage you.

Let’s DO this together!

New Clothes; New Challenge; New Music Class

Do the Challenge!
Stay Stretchy this Summer!
The Summer Stretch Challenge starts tomorrow! There is no cost or obligation. Just come in, sign up on the poster in the lobby, and earn your first sticker! With this challenge you can customize your summer goals:

From June 1st until August 29th — 90 days — you can
Select Your Summer Stretch with 3 options:

30 Classes in 90 Days (1 class every 3 days)
45 Classes in 90 Days (1 class every other day)
60 Classes in 90 Days (2 classes every 3 days)

This challenge allows you to set a class frequency that will maintain your consistent practice through the summer months — but not burn you out like the hot summer sun.

To further motivate your Summer Stretch, we are offering a 15% discount on the 30 Class Package. For challenge participants, you may purchase up to 2 discounted 30 Class Packages, at the reduced rate of $255 each.

NEW Clothes in Stock!

LaLa Land tops and Capri’s. Shakti shorts. And shorts and tops in our new favorite label, K Deer. We also have MEN’S SHORTS: 2 lengths; Solid black and multi-color print.
By popular demand … (drum roll …), the Friday 4:30 class will be led with minimal instruction and soft music! What a nice way to end the week. The teacher will practice with the students, announcing the start of each posture, and using the word, “change,” to indicate the transition. We have done this a few times recently, and it’s been a lot of fun. Starts this Friday at 4:30! See you there!

The 4 x 4 Challenge Starts Monday, 3/28!

The CHALLENGE Starts Monday!
The 4 x 4 Challenge starts on Monday, March 28! Now is the perfect time to regenerate a consistent practice and strengthen your health, fitness and well-being. Challenge yourself to complete 4 classes per week for 4 weeks. We will be here to support and encourage you all along the way.
1 Month Unlimited SALE for the 4 x 4 Challenge
For Challengers Only: BYC is offering a One Month Unlimited package for over 20% OFF — just $110 (normal price is $140). You may “freeze” your current 10-class or 30-class package and get 30 challenge days at this discount. After the challenge, your normal package resumes, with all of your previous classes and time added back in.

Sign Up for the Challenge

Come in to the studio to sign up for the 4 x 4 Challenge in the lobby, and keep track of all your classes. Sam has made us another awesome Challenge Chart (and look – 1 of her 9 cats helped)! As always, my name will be at the top and I can’t wait to get started! Let’s do this together — you certainly won’t regret it if you try … but you might if you don’t!

I hope to see you in the hot room on Monday, March 28th!

Spring 4 x 4 Challenge … Starting April 28

Spring 4×4 Challenge
It’s spring, yogis! And high time for a follow-on Yoga Challenge! Four weeks to look and feel your best for summer.

Okay, we’ve all had a nice little breather after the 30 Day Challenge in January. Time to get back in there and reset some practice goals!  The 4 x 4 Challenge is designed to bring consistency and frequency to your practice, without the intensity of daily practice.

Here’s the idea: 4 classes per week, for 4 weeks.

And here we go: We start Monday, March 28, right after Easter Sunday. We will have a progress chart to keep track of your classes each week, and a social gathering when we all have 16 classes in the mind/body bank 4 weeks later.

I love a challenge – not just the physical and mental part – but because it brings our yoga family closer as we embark on a journey together. It brings the energy in the studio to a higher level and more smiles to our yogi faces. Let’s do this!