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Monday, July 4th:

8:30 am Class ONLY  (All other classes canceled for the holiday.)

This class will be led with music and very little instruction.  Join us!


Saturday and Sunday:

Full, normal class schedule.

Summer Schedule Change

Summer Schedule Change

Due to summer travel, busy summer schedules and pretty weather, class sizes tend to get smaller during this time of year. The studio must adjust to these changes during summer months. For July and August, we will have a slight change in the morning schedule. We plan to return to the full, normal schedule in September.

For July and August:
The 10:30am class will be cancelled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The 10:30 am class will continue to be offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We truly hope that you will be able to assimilate this change into your normal practice without too much trouble!

On the Up Side (The Yin)
Bikram Yoga Charleston will be holding a Membership Drive in the fall. In the meantime, we will be ramping up the benefits of Membership. Members of the studio include those students on monthly AutoPay, and those who pay Annually.

Coming soon, the studio will be beginning to offer some special rewardsfor its AutoPay and Annual Payment Members. These rewards will come in the form of special classes, workshops, lectures and other programs. We will start by providing 1 Yin class per month. This class will be FREE to members! (All other students are welcome at the normal class rate.) Starting in July, free Yin will occur on a designated Saturday at 12:30.

July’s Yin class will be held on July 9th.

So get ready to enjoy the benefits of Membership, and, if you are not yet a member, consider joining! The more members of the studio we have, and the more we enjoy these events together, the result is that we make our yoga community stronger, more positive, more educated, and more supportive of each other.

Bikram Yoga Charleston is, at it’s core, much more than a place to practice yoga. Our core values are kindness, service and family. We welcome and care for each and every student, and we want you to feel at home here. In the coming months we hope to continue to grow our yoga family and give you experiences that go above and beyond your expectations.

See you in the hot room!

New Clothes; New Challenge; New Music Class

Do the Challenge!
Stay Stretchy this Summer!
The Summer Stretch Challenge starts tomorrow! There is no cost or obligation. Just come in, sign up on the poster in the lobby, and earn your first sticker! With this challenge you can customize your summer goals:

From June 1st until August 29th — 90 days — you can
Select Your Summer Stretch with 3 options:

30 Classes in 90 Days (1 class every 3 days)
45 Classes in 90 Days (1 class every other day)
60 Classes in 90 Days (2 classes every 3 days)

This challenge allows you to set a class frequency that will maintain your consistent practice through the summer months — but not burn you out like the hot summer sun.

To further motivate your Summer Stretch, we are offering a 15% discount on the 30 Class Package. For challenge participants, you may purchase up to 2 discounted 30 Class Packages, at the reduced rate of $255 each.

NEW Clothes in Stock!

LaLa Land tops and Capri’s. Shakti shorts. And shorts and tops in our new favorite label, K Deer. We also have MEN’S SHORTS: 2 lengths; Solid black and multi-color print.
By popular demand … (drum roll …), the Friday 4:30 class will be led with minimal instruction and soft music! What a nice way to end the week. The teacher will practice with the students, announcing the start of each posture, and using the word, “change,” to indicate the transition. We have done this a few times recently, and it’s been a lot of fun. Starts this Friday at 4:30! See you there!


Bikram Yoga Charleston will be offering a FREE YOGA CLASS on the beach!  Please join us!
Date: Saturday, May 14
Time: 4:30
Place: Sullivan’s Island Beach at the Sand Dunes access trail, 1735 Atlantic Ave.
Bring: Mat for Yoga Class
A potluck item to share

Directions: On Sullivan’s Island, take Middle Street toward the Light House (southwest, toward the setting sun). Just past the Light House, turn LEFT on Station 18. Go to the stop sign and turn RIGHT on Atlantic Ave. Go about 2 blocks and the Sand Dunes Club will be on your left. Pass by the big white building and park along the street, in the field, on Atlantic Ave. or on side streets. Follow the trail to the beach.

Beverages? Alcohol is prohibited on the beach and the FINES are stiff … but … if it is in a plastic cup, then normally, no questions are asked.

If I can’t make the yoga class, can I still come to the bonfire? Of course!

Can I bring a friend? Absolutely.

Make Plans to Join Us on the Beach!

Hot Yoga Festival

So excited! Bikram Yoga Charleston is officially a @One Fire Festival Ambassador. One Fire is a 5-day hot yoga festival taking place in Joshua Tree, CA this summer. We love it because there’ll be lots of teachers and classes from different styles and traditions. All hot:) #keepthefireburning #onefirefest